What is the best way to remove moisture from a room

​Where moisture is present wooden items can warp, metal corrodes and mould develops. This can have a major impact on the value and condition of important pieces and irreversibly damage historical artefacts.

So how are you combatting humidity?

You could put on a heater. But heat alone only disguises the effect of humidity. The hot air rises to heat the ceiling and the moisture remains inside. Adding heat doesn’t remove moisture from the air.

You could open a window. But opening windows doesn’t guarantee that moisture will escape, and the loss of heat is costly.

Our wall mounted dehumidifiers remove moisture quietly and efficiently, recycling the air within your space – without throwing heat and money out of the window. Inside the unit, the evaporator coil condenses moisture from the energy rich air so it can be drained away. The air then passes through the condenser coil, where the energy is returned as free heat.

Heaters v dehumidifiers

Heaters Dehumidifiers
  • Have high running costs

  • Have low running costs

  • Do not remove the moisture, they just mask the effects

  • Physically remove moisture

  • Do not help if the space is already warm

  • Return at least two times the energy input back into the space

  • Do not reduce the risk of condensation

  • Lower the risk of condensation

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