Why refrigerant dehumidifiers are the best solution for drying clothes

As a company that offers both refrigerant and desiccant products, Dantherm Group are in a unique position to provide the most cost effective and efficient solution for your drying room needs.

We would always recommend that refrigerant dehumidifiers are used for drying rooms as this is an application that needs the air to be recirculated and the humidity requirement is above 40% RH.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers consume very little energy, require minimal maintenance, have high specific moisture extraction and are easy to install with only a small diameter condensate drain to be installed and no ducting.

The process of refrigerant dehumidification involves moisture-laden air (return air) being drawn into a dehumidifier where the air passes across a refrigerated coil. The air is rapidly cooled below its dew point, condensing the water vapour and recovering its latent heat energy for re-use. The cooled air is then passed across the condenser where it is reheated and (supply air) returned to the served area at the required lower humidity.

Desiccant dehumidifiers on the other hand, are generally used where a very low relative humidity or absolute humidity is required, and/or where the operating temp is below 3°C such as pharmaceutical, food processing, low temperature storage and freezer room applications, not for drying clothes, where the warmer the better.

We have been supplying our refrigerant dehumidifiers for drying rooms in offices, fire stations, military establishments and outdoor pursuit centres for several years with excellent results with clients including the London Fire Brigade, Essex Fire Brigade, RNLI, RAF and the Royal Navy.​

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