Desiccant dehumidifiers

Unlike most suppliers, the Dantherm Group product ranges include both refrigerant AND desiccant drying equipment. With products that span both technologies, we can offer impartial advice that provides a solution specifically suited for your application.

The air to be dehumidified (process air), passes through a slowly rotating silica gel rotor. The desiccant material attracts the moisture to its surface, removing it from the air stream (dry air). A second, smaller air stream (reactivation air) usually heated to around 120°C, is required to remove the moisture from the rotor. This (wet) air must then be exhausted to atmosphere using a duct. Slowly rotating the rotor through both airstreams creates a continuous dehumidification process.


  • High moisture removal rate in a single air pass
  • Can achieve very low absolute humidity levels
  • Can work in low temperatures
  • Can work in very low humidity


  • High energy consumption
  • Low specific moisture extraction (kg/kWh)
  • Ducting from/to outside for reactivation air and wet air
  • High rotor replacement costs

Where used:

Generally, where a very low relative humidity or absolute humidity is required, and/or where the operating temp is below 3°C.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Confectionery
  • Specialist manufacturing that requires very low RH
  • Low temp storage and freezer rooms

Where not used:

  • Recirculation applications that require RH above 40%
  • Applications that are sensitive to high supply air temperature
  • Swimming pools
  • Sites with limited power supply (unless mains gas or steam reactivation is available)
  • Areas that have no access to outside walls

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