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HF 2

Professional water damage drying – restoration

The HEPA filter system inside the ready-to-connect housing is used in connection with a sound box. Class G4 (prefilter) and H13 (main filter) HEPA filters clean the drawn in air of mould spores and other suspended matter.

  • Features

    • Efficient filter system with built-in H13 HEPA filter and G4 prefilter
    • LED display informs when filter is contaminated
    • Ready-to-connect, up to 270 m³/h air flow rate
    • Easy-to-open quick-release safety catches
    • Wide choice of grip and carry options
    • Extremely robust AERCUBE housing
    • Press button to check battery status

    Optional accessories

    • Adapter plate
    • Lashing strap


    • Mould and dust management on water damage claims
    • Pressure drying of flooring constructions
    • Pressure drying of wall cavities, ceilings, and voids
  • Mobile Catalogue

    Dantherm Group

    Mobile Catalogue

    Water Damage Restoration Brochure

    Dantherm Group

    Water Damage Restoration Brochure

  • Specifications Units HF2
    Each 1 pc. is included with the
    Inserted air filter - prefilter G4
    - HEPA-Filter H13 acc. EN1822
    (Separation MPPS > 99.95%)
    Max. air flow m³/h 270
    LED indicator for filter
    Control/operation change and button for
    battery check
    Product size (h x w x d) mm 260 x 390 x 490
    Weight kg 6
  • play video Aerial AERCUBE – vacuum method

    Aerial AERCUBE – vacuum method

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