Heat pumps & heat recovery
Heat pumps & heat recovery
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AW 250SC-AW 450SC

Air cooling and water heating

The AW 250SC and AW 450SC are compact wall mounted air cooling units, and are ideal for cooling air in a number of commercial applications where the need for hot water enables heat recovery to a hot water tank. Designed for use in beer cellars, produce storage, kitchens and small hot water plant rooms. These units function by providing a cooled air stream to the area that requires cooling. The energy collected from the area is then upgraded through the heat pump cycle and used to preheat a mains hot water supply to the premises.

  • Features

    • Cooling down to 7°C (-5°C with hot gas defrost option)
    • Rugged PVC coated galvanised steel case
    • Wall mounted
    • Easy to install and connect
    • AW 450SC produces up to 3300 litres of hot water per day at 50°C – enough for 660 typical covers per day
    • AW 250SC produces up to 2400 litres of hot water per day at 50°C – enough for 430 typical covers per day


    • Hot gas defrost
    • Stainless steel case
    • High temperature version for heating water to 65°C
    • Heat reject unit (required when air cooling has priority over water heating)
    • Air filter


    • Commercial kitchens
    • Launderettes
    • Beer/wine cellars
    • Spas and clubs
    • Camp-sites and caravan parks
    • Waste heat recovery from boiler rooms with water pre-heat capacity
    • Leisure centres
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  • Specifications Units AW 250SC AW 450SC
    Air temperature range °C 7*-36 7*-36
    Water temperature range °C 10-50 10-50
    Max. water flow l/min 14 22
    Min. water flow l/min 12 18
    Max. water resistance mhd 3.5 4.8
    Min. water resistance mhd 2.8 3.5
    Water connections 22mm pipe stub 22mm pipe stub
    Air flow m3/h 1019 1698
    External resistance mmWG 0 0
    Fan drive Direct Direct
    Sound level @ 3m dB(A) 57 59
    Power supply 220-240/1ph/50 220-240/1ph/50
    Supply A 13 20
    LRA A 13 20
    FLA A 5.5 11
    Power consumed kW 0.9 1.8
    Product size (h x w x d) mm 665 x 780 x 340 665 x 1245 x 340
    Weight kg 60 95
    * -5 with hot gas defrost

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