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Tent cooling

The AC-M18 CBRN air conditioner is a portable unit developed primarily to provide air conditioning in temporary or transportable buildings or tents.

The AC-M18 CBRN is a compact, light-weight aluminium unit built into a rigid steel frame. The air conditioner is designed to operate on COLPRO applications with the evaporator module placed inside the shelter and the condenser module placed outside. The two modules are interconnected by refrigerant hoses and power cables.

  • Features

    • The AC-M18 is built into a strong metal frame with insulated panels where relevant, powder coated
    • Top finish painting is standard sand colour
    • Scroll compressor for a high degree of reliability and low noise level
    • Automatic phase surveillance
    • Sequential start of units possible
    • HP/LP pressostat switches ensuring long compressor lifetime
    • Fresh air intake
    • Four way fork lift handling
    • Easy strap down on air cargo pallets and stackable (two units on top of each other)

    Optional accessories

    • Remote thermostat with 15m cable and cooling/heating selector switch
    • Insulated, flexible air duct Ø400mm x 3m incl. storage bag
    • Uninsulated, flexible air duct Ø400mm x 5m incl. storage bag
    • Air distribution air duct Ø400mm x 6m
    • F7 filter
    • Trolley with wheels
    • HEPA filtration unit


    • Tents
    • Accommodation
    • Military camps
    • Relief camps
    • Work camps in oil and gas industry
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  • Specifications Units AC-M18 CBRN
    Operating temperature range, cooling °C 20-60
    Operating temperature range, heating °C -32 - +20
    Air flow m³/h 2500
    Sound level @ 1m dB (A) 54
    Refrigerant R134a
    Max. cooling capacity kW 7.5
    Heating capacity (optional) kW 16/20
    Power supply (60 Hz available) V/Hz 400/3ph/50
    Max. running current, cooling/heating A 16/depending on heating capacity
    Locked rotor amperage (LRA), cooling A 73
    Max. power consumption cooling/heating W 8300
    Hose connection Ø mm 1 x 400
    Product size (h x l x w) mm 780 x 725 x 1140
    Weight (without accessories evap/cond) kg 137/104
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    Dantherm AC-M18 CBRN installation

    Dantherm AC-M18 CBRN installation

    Dantherm AC-M18 CBRN installation

    Dantherm AC-M18 CBRN installation

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