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Ruggedized heaters

The VA-M15MKII Warm Air Heater is a transportable unit, developed primarily to provide heating in tents or temporary, transportable buildings. The unit is designed to be placed outside the tent, with supply and return air ducted to the tent.

  • Features

    • Can operate at temperatures down to -40°C
    • Creates a comfortable working environment
    • Equipment and transportation such as helicopters stay warm and ready for use, reducing wear and tear and ensuring quicker response times
    • Reliable and virtually maintenance free
    • Easy to transport, even over ice and snow
    • Can be set up by one person without the use of tools, and is easy to operate
    • Developed in close collaboration with the armed forces of NATO countries
    • Chosen as the NATO standard, conforming to all NATO requirements and norms
    • All units are allocated NATO stock numbers (NSN)

    Optional accessories

    • Remote thermostat with cable, 15m
    • Remote CO monitor with cable, 15m
    • Insulated, flexible air duct, Ø225x3000mm with spigot
    • Storage bag for flexible duct Ø225mm
    • Air distribution ducts, Ø225x6000mm
    • Alternatively fuel lance for oil drum


    • Tents
    • Accommodation
    • Field hospitals
    • Military camps
    • Relief camps
    • Temporary buildings
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    Dantherm Group

    Mobile Catalogue

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    Dantherm Group

    Mobile Heating and Cooling Catalogue

  • Specifications Units VA-M15MKIII
    Operating temperature range °C -40 - +25
    Heat output kW 17.9
    Air flow m³/h 1080
    Sound level dB(A) 60
    Max. fuel consumption l/h 1.7
    Power supply V/Hz 230/1ph/50
    Max. power consumption W 1000
    Air discharge temperature °C 80
    Flex duct connection Ø mm 225
    Product size (h x l x w) mm 605 x 1360 x 490
    Weight kg 93
  • Please click on images to view larger

    VA-M15MKII by the side of a tent

    VA-M15MKII by the side of a tent

  • Icelandic rescue team relies on Dantherm to help save lives

    Icelandic rescue team relies on Dantherm to help save lives

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