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Electric air heaters

In this ever increasing drive to use environmentally friendly methods it is important to highlight the ecological potential of bug extermination by using heat.

Compact and lightweight the EKO 3 can be placed inside the bug infested room and recirculates the air increasing the temperature by 15°C at time to reach and maintain the optimal temperature of 50°C to kill the bugs.

  • Features

    • Compact and lightweight
    • EKO 3 delivers 800 m3/h of hot air using only 2.8 kW at 240 V (single phase)
    • Connection to the external digital remote thermostat THK, specific for this application, included in the package
    • Overheat thermostat
    • Motor with thermal protection and intervention
    • The Master EKO is placed inside the room and recirculates the air increasing the temperature by 15°C at a time
    • Recommended to use in: hotels, hostels, smaller rooms, vans, hospitals, restaurants, bakeries, commercial kitchens and as a support to EKO 9
    • Fighting bugs using heat is safe for people and the environment


    • Bug killing
    • Workshops
    • Warehouses
    • Hospitals
    • Restaurants
    • Bakeries
    • Commercial kitchens
    • Hostels and hotels
    • Vans
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    Product Catalogue

  • Specifications Units EKO 3
    kW 2.8
    Heating power Btu/h 2866
    kcal/h 11260
    Air flow m³/h 800
    Power supply V/Hz 220-240/1ph/50
    Rated current A 12.4
    Remote thermosta Digital
    Product size (l x w x h) mm 455 x 440 x 600
    Weight kg 19
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    Master EKO Van

    Master EKO Van

    Master EKO Bathroom

    Master EKO Bathroom

    play video Master EKO heaters - Bug Pest Control

    Master EKO heaters - Bug Pest Control

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