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E36202 - 60002

These destratifiers are the most powerful ceiling fans available on the market​.

Master E36202
  • Features

    • The most powerful ceiling fans available on the market
    • Working up to 14 meters
    • Heavy duty construction for many years of non stop work
    • The aerodynamic shape moves big volumes of air
    • Balanced motor and blades for vibration-free operation
    • The motor is protected from thermal overload being equipped with thermal protection and automatic reset
    • Can work in harsh professional conditions


    • —Industry, warehouses, production halls
    • Offices and commercial premises
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants

    Winter destratification

    The hot air flows upstream. The Master ceiling fan let the heat flow
    back to the floor. The resulting energy saving is about 30%.

    Summer ventilation

    The Master ceiling fan creates an air flow which helps the skin
    evaporation, with an improvement of about 4°C on the perceived

    The fan supports the air-conditioning allowing to feel 23°C even
    when the thermostat shows 27°C.

    It is perfect for humid environments and eliminates mould and dust.

  • Office buildings

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    Offices & commercial spaces

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  • Industrial and Commercial Catalogue

    Dantherm Group

    Industrial and Commercial Catalogue

  • Specifications Units E36202 E48202 E56002 E60002
    Air displacement m3/h 19,900 32,100 41,600 66,200
    Maximum area in destratification m2 140 180 350 470
    Turning diameter mm/inch 900/36" 1200/48" 1400/56" 1500/60"
    Fan type Axial-Blades Axial-Blades Axial-Blades Axial-Blades
    Colour/number of blades White/3 White/3 White/3 White/3
    Power supply V/Hz 230/1ph/50/60 230/1ph/50/60 230/1ph/50/60 230/1ph/50/60
    Power consumption W 71 105 110 120
    Rated current A 0.31 0.52 0.55 0.60
    Max. speed rmp 325 300 290 300
    Max. working height m 4 5 12 14
    Product size Ø mm 900 x h 600 1200 x h 600 1400 x h 600 1500 x h 650
    Weight kg 7.7 9.3 9.8 12.8
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