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DH 334BH

The DH 334 process dryer is excellent for rapid moisture removal, at low cost per litre removed. Using R134a refrigerant it can operate at higher temperatures than standard dryers, and the latent energy is reclaimed to reduce the overall power consumption. The energy consumption is further reduced as drying can take place at lower temperatures than traditional heating methods, lowering risk of heat damage, and improving product quality.

DH 334
DH 334 front view
DH 334 control panel
  • Features

    • Rapid moisture removal at lowest cost per litre extracted
    • Latent energy reclaimed to reduce power consumption
    • Drying at lower temperatures reduces risk of heat damage
    • Even drying improves product quality
    • Low maintenance


    • Range of Calorex control panels
    • Stainless steel cabinet
    • Steam or LPHW heat exchangers for initial heat input
    • Castors for portability to aid cleaning and maintenance
    • Air inlet filters


    • Confectionery and food manufacturing
    • Ceramics and timbe
    • Bricks, block and tile
    • Textiles
    • Paper and cardboard
  • Confectionery

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  • Commercial/Industrial Catalogue

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    Commercial/Industrial Catalogue

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    Product Catalogue

  • Specifications Units DH 334BH
    Operating temperature range °C 30-70
    Dehumidification @ 50°C/60%RH l/h 17
    Heat to air via dehumidification kW 10
    Heat to air via resistance heaters and dehumidification kW 18.5
    Air flow m³/h 5800
    External static pressure Pa 0
    Sound pressure level @ 3m dB(A) 69
    Refrigerant R134a
    Power supply V/Hz 400/3ph/50
    Nominal power consumed kW 14.1
    Min. supply capacity A 29
    Min. supply fuse A 35
    Heater rating kW 9
    FLA A 12
    Nominal power consumed kW 4.9
    LRA A 72
    RLA A 12
    Nominal running current A 9
    Product size (w x d x h) mm 985 x 700 x 1476
    Weight kg 170
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