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BC 180-340

Master BC 180-340 industrial bio coolers use a simple process of evaporation to decrease the temperature of the air. A pump takes water from a built-in tank to wet a large filter. A powerful fan pushes the warm incoming air through the wet filter. The energy used by the water as it evaporates, cools the air.

This is a low cost, environmentally friendly way of cooling large open areas. Evaporative coolers rely on fresh air flow to enable the process to work, so are best suited to open areas such as workshops (steel, glass, automotive), events (to provide “cool down” areas), agriculture (to avoid heat stress to animals in a barn) etc.

Master BC 340
Master BC 180
  • Features

    • For industrial application use
    • Low noise
    • Adjustable speed
    • Automatic swing function as a standard
    • Time setting function
    • Large water tank for longer operating hours
    • Large wheels and brake allow easy movement
    • No need for compressed air
    • No installation, no duct work required
    • Easy to use, easy to clean
    • Corrosion resistant plastic casing
    • Easy to maintain
    • Automatic water supply
    • Remote control


    • Workshops
    • Warehouses
    • Plastic, glass, assembly & painting plants
    • Cow barns
    • Greenhouses
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  • Specifications Units BC 180 BC 340
    Cooling pad dm³ 180 340
    Air flow m³/h 18000 30000
    Maximum area 330 400
    Power consumption W 750 1100
    Power supply V/Hz 220-240/1ph/50 220-240/1ph/50
    Rated current A 4.5 4.5
    Water consumption l/h 12-18 15-20
    Tank capacity l 100 200
    Direct water connection inches ½'' ½"
    Tank level control Yes Yes
    Product size (l x w x h) mm 1130 x 690 x 1640 1580 x 750 x 1820
    Weight kg 58 105
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    Master BC 180 Warehouse

    Master BC 180 Warehouse

    Master BC 180 Warehouse

    Master BC 180 Warehouse

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    Master BC 180 air cooler

  • Master coolers BC 340 make cows happy!

    Master coolers BC 340 make cows happy!

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