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AD 740

These units are produced to a high class finish and are used in building and water damage drying as well as in for industrial and commercial applications, in water management and for protecting and preserving the
value of assets.

Aerial AD 740 dehumidifier
Aerial AD 740 controls
Aerial Aercube Water Damage Drying
Aerial Aercube Water Damage Drying with an ASE
Aerial Aercube Water Damage Drying with an ASE
  • Features

    • Case made of shock and impact-resistant plastic
    • Floor standing. Optimum mobility by two plastic wheels (D = 190mm) and folding handle
    • Blue-Dry®-Technology for particularly energy-saving operation – even at low humidities and temperatures
    • Fully hermetic rotary compressor
    • Energy efficient axial fan
    • Maintenance-friendly refrigerant circuit with service connector
    • Condenser and evaporator made of copper tubes with aluminium fins
    • Hot gas defrost
    • Easy to use electronic eDry®


    • Water damage restoration
    • Flood drying
    • Preservation
    • Sewage treatment, waterworks
    • Basements and cellars
    • Storage and archives

    Optional accessories

    • Condensate drain hose
    • Pump kit
    • Spare filter
    • Hose clip for discharge hose
  • Water damage & restoration

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  • Specifications Units AD 740
    Capacity (30°C/80% RH) l/24h 37
    Air flow (speed I/II) m³/h 450/550
    Operating temperature range °C 1-34
    Operating humidity range % RH 35-99
    Max. power consumption W 520
    Power supply V/Hz 230/1ph/50
    Sound level dB(A) 51
    Condensate drain mm 15 x 2
    Product size (h x w x d) mm 690 x 390 x 470
    Weight kg 32
  • Don’t get left high and dry, Aerial has the perfect solution

    Don’t get left high and dry, Aerial has the perfect solution

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