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SD 2

The SD 2 is a sound absorber in a ready-to-connect housing and is used to reduce sound box noise emissions. A reduction in noise of by as much as 19 dB(A) can be achieved when the SD 2 is connected.

Aerial SD 2
  • Features

    • Reduces the noise level by as much as 19 dB
    • Optional active charcoal filter to remove odours
    • Ready-to-connect, up to 220 m³/h air flow rate
    • Easy-to-open quick-release safety catches
    • Wide choice of grip and carry options
    • Heavy-duty power cord with magnet-holder, 4.5m
    • Extremely robust AERCUBE housing

    Optional accessories

    • Adapter plate
    • Lashing strap


    • Building industry, restoration work
    • Water damage restoration
  • Water damage & restoration

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    Construction sites

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  • Specifications Units SD 2
    Max. air flow m³/h 220
    Product size (h x w x d) mm 300 x 390 x 490
    Weight kg 6
  • play video Aerial AERCUBE – vacuum method

    Aerial AERCUBE – vacuum method

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