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XL 61

Infrared oil heaters deliver heat fast and exactly to the place where it is required without any air movement. They are suitable for dust-free drying walls or paints, defrosting machinery or pipe lines, heating the working areas.

Master XL 61
Master XL 61 with trolley
Display and socket for remote thermostat
  • ​​Features

    • Low noise
    • Infrared heating (short wave)
    • No air flow
    • Electronic flame control with photocell
    • Standard oil level indicator
    • ILME socket for remote thermostat: analog or digital
    • Suction filter and inlet filter
    • Snorkel
    • Overheat thermostat
    • Anti-tilt switch


    • Construction sites and renovations
    • Workshops and warehouses
    • Agriculture
  • Construction sites

    Mobile heating, drying, cooling and ventilation products for construction more

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  • Specifications Units XL 61
    kW 17
    Heating power Btu/h 58000
    kcal/h 14600
    Fuel consumption l/h 1.6
    Fuel autonomy h 7
    Thermostat control Analog or digital
    Electric power kW 0.2
    Power supply V/Hz 220-240/1ph/50
    Rated current A 0.85
    Tank capacity l 11
    Product size (l x w x h) mm 560 x 345 x 575
    Weight kg 19
    110V Available
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    Master XL 61 workshop

    Master XL 61 workshop

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