AA300 AA500
AA300 AA500

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AA 300-500

​​The AA 300 and AA 500 are premium air handling units incorporating heat pump dehumidification technology. With efficient heat recovery, these systems have been specifically designed for domestic pools where a ducted dehumidification system is preferred. Additional air and water heating via LPHW heat exchangers give you full control over your pool environment and the compact dimensions ensure maximum installation flexibility.

AA300/500 control panel
AA300/500 flange
  • Features

    All models:

    • Pool hall dehumidification
    • Dynamic heat pump heat recovery
    • Constant flow fan with two-speed settings
    • Remote control panel (12v) with 1.8m lead (10m cable optional)

    LPHW Air models add:

    • Integral LPHW heat exchanger for air heating

    LPHW Air models add:

    • Integral LPHW heat exchangers for pool and air


    • Flexible flange kit to reduce vibration


    • Indoor pools
    • Private pools
    • Therapy pools
    • Health clubs and wellness centres
    • Hotels and spa pools
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    Domestic pools – indoor

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    Health clubs & wellness centres

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    Product Catalogue

  • Specifications Units AA 300 AA 500
    Air flow m³/h 1300 ± 10% 1800 ± 10%
    External available static pressure Pa 250 250
    Dehumidification @ 30°C/60% RH l/h 3.6 4.5
    Heat to air
    Via heat pump kW 4.4 6.1
    Via LPHW (LPHW Air models) kW 7.3 7.5
    Total (heat pump + LPHW) kW 9.8 11.7
    Heat to water
    Via LPHW (LPHW Air + Water models) kW 9.5 9.5
    Product size (h x w x d) mm 850 x 1027 x 730 850 x 1027 x 730
    Weight kg 111 111
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