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DT 800-1100

An efficient, cost effective range of packaged 4-hole adsorption dehumidifiers, designed for humidity control across a wide range of dew point temperatures.

DT 800
  • Features

    • Sturdy housing in stainless steel
    • Controls including, humidity sensor operation, alarm system, and different options for dry air fan operation
    • PTC (Positive Temperature Control) reactivation heater, eliminates the risk of overheating and allows step-less capacity control


    • Air cooled condenser
    • DDC controls


    • Process air systems
    • Store rooms
    • Pharmaceutical production
    • Pumping stations
    • Film production
    • Electronics manufacturing
    • Confectionery and food production
    • Museums and art galleries
    • Cold storage
  • Storage

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  • Commercial/Industrial Catalogue

    Dantherm Group

    Commercial/Industrial Catalogue

    Product Catalogue


    Product Catalogue

  • Specifications Units DT 800 DT 1100
    Dehumidification @ 20°C/60% RH kg/h 4.4 6.0
    Dry air flow (free blowing) m³/h 800 1100
    Available pressure Pa 150 200
    Wet air flow m³/h 250 370
    Available pressure Pa 175 200
    Power consumption kW 7 10
    Power supply V/Hz 400/3ph/50 400/3ph/50
    Sound level dB(A) 60 62
    Reactivation power kW 6.7 9.25
    Electrical (E), steam (S), gas (G) react. option E E
    Filter class 3 3
    Product size (l x w x h) mm 1050 x 600 x 690 1050 x 600 x 690
    Weight kg 80 80
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