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The Dantherm Combo Cooling solution combines free cooling and air conditioning to provide the most energy-efficient cooling and generate huge savings. The solution is designed to save energy in normal running mode and has the advantage of back-up air conditioning in very warm climates.

Dantherm 6000/9000
  • Features

    • Energy-efficient cooling systems
    • Total heat management with free cooling, active cooling and heating
    • Easy installation in indoor and outdoor shelters and enclosures
    • Protection against dust, water, sand, leaves and snow
    • Emergency cooling mode in case of power outage
    • Digital controller for full thermal management and surveillance and changeable settings


    • Built-in microprocessor controller – Dantherm CC4
    • Changeable settings of e.g. cooling set point, heating, installed with high-temperature alarm, filter guard pressure etc
    • Two galvanically insulated alarm outputs for warning, fault, high/low temperature, filter, fan failure, door switch or fire/smoke
    • Digital input for smoke/fire alarm, door switch and one additional
    • Data logging and change of control parameters via SD Card


    • Radio base stations
    • Telecom shelters
    • Electronics enclosures
    • Power supply rooms
    • Network and computer rooms and drive stations
  • Telecom cooling

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  • Commercial/Industrial UK

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    Commercial/Industrial UK

  • Specifications Units 6000/900
    Operational temperature range °C -33 - +55
    Storage temperature @ 55% RH °C -40 - +80
    Sound level @ 1.5m dB(A) 59
    Refrigerant R410a
    Free cooling capacity (48VDC) Δt = 10°C W 9000
    EER free cooling at Δt = 10°C W/W – BTU/W 23-76
    Cooling capacity at 27°C internal/35°C ambient (total) W 8300
    Cooling capacity 27°C internal/35°C ambient (sensible) W 7115
    EER air-conditioning at 35°C internal/35°C ambient W/W 3.7
    Internal air flow by air-conditioning m³/h 1840
    Free cooling air flow m³/h 800-3200
    Power consumption free cooling W 572 (DC)
    Power consumption air-conditioning W 2245 (AC)
    Input voltage range VAC 190-235
    Input voltage range VDC 40 -60
    Power supply V/Hz 230/1ph/48VDC
    Product size (h x w x d) mm 1999 x 1072 x 527
    Weight kg 183
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    Combo cooling

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