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Peltier TEC 200

Dantherm Thermo Electric Cooling products are based on peltier elements. When used as intended in small spaces such as battery compartments. The Peltier TECs enable dual climate zones in a larger cabinet or shelter.

TEC 200
  • Features

    • Dantherm Peltier TEC for battery compartment cooling
    • Compact
    • Wide operational temperature range
    • Corrosion-proof materials
    • Industrial quality fans
    • Easy to install – plug and play


      • Radio base stations
      • Telecom shelters
      • Electronics enclosures
      • Battery compartments
      • Telecom cabinets
    • Telecom cooling

      Customised solutions for the telecom and network industry...read more

    • Commercial/Industrial UK

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      Commercial/Industrial UK

    • Specifications Units PELTIER TEC 200
      Operational temperature range °C -20 - +55
      Sound level @ 2m dB(A) 62
      Cooling capacity at 32°C internal and 35°C ambient W 200
      Internal air flow m³/h 160
      External air flow m³/h 180
      Power consumption at 32°C internal and 32°C ambient W 450
      Input voltage range VDC 36-58
      Product size (h x w x d) mm 400 x 180 x 208
      Weight kg 8
    • play video Battery compartment cooling Peltier TEC

      Battery compartment cooling Peltier TEC

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