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Swimming pool dehumidification with heat pump and cross flow heat exchanger. The DanX XWPS combines the advantages of a heat pump and an outside air dehumidification system. Energy recovery of up to 100% makes this system the most energy-efficient choice on the market. The integrated mixing box ensures that only the exact quantity of outside air required to sustain comfortable conditions is supplied. For further energy optimization, a water-cooled condenser can be integrated into the heat pump. This allows excess heat to be transferred back to the pool or the hot water supply, where the energy is re-used.

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  • Features

    • Built-in heat pump with scroll compressor and high COP. Optional builtiin water cooled condenser for heating of pool or domestic water.
    • User friendly control system for high-quality demand management. Automatic monitoring and control of temperature and humidity of the pool hall.
    • Crossflow heat exchanger with a high efficiency of more 75% and a low pressure drop
    • Built-in by pass for free cooling in summertime
    • Reversible heat pump (DanX XWPRS) with the possibility of active cooling in summertime.
    • Highly efficient EC plug fans with low power consumption
    • High efficient F5/F7 bag filters with large surface and low pressure drop
    • Load bearing frame construction module with hot dip galvanised, powder painted sandwich panels with 50mm mineral wool insulation, internal partition walls with 30mm and bottom frame with adjustable feet
    • All modules and internal components are specifically designed to withstand the aggressive swimming pool environment (Corrosion class C4 according to EN/ISO 12944-2), with epoxy coated crossflow heat exchanger, coils with aluminium frame, pre painted fins and epoxy coating with all fasteners, bolts and nuts specially protected.
    • Damper motors IP 66 specially designed for swimming pool environment
    • Large inspection doors with strong hinges and tongue locks and handles for easy access for service
    • Modular unit for easy and quick installation with all sensors and electrical components already connected. Separate control panel fitted with cables and plugs for quick electrical connection between unit and panel.
    • BMS communication with either Modbus or BACnet


    • Hotel pools
    • Therapy pools
    • Spa resorts
    • Municipal/commercial swimming pools
    • Wellness centres
    • Leisure centres
    • Water parks
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  • Specifications Units 2/4 XWPS 3/6 XWPS 5/10 XWPS 7/14 XWPS 9/18 XWPS 12/24 XWPS 116/32 XWPS
    Nominal air volume m³/h 3350 4500 8400 12500 15500 21500 25500
    Max. air volume m³/h 4500 6000 10000 14000 20000 26000 32000
    Outdoor air volume % 0-100 0-100 0-100 0-100 0-100 0-100 0-100
    Dehumidification capacity recirculation* kg/h 10.1 16.2 25.6 33.9 44.5 65.4 77.9
    Dehumidification capacity VDI 2089* kg/h 22 29 54 81 100 139 165
    Max. power consumption compressor kW 4.4 5.7 8.8 12.0 16.0 24.0 30.0
    Max. total power consumption** kW 7.4 10.0 16.8 23.0 31.0 46.0 60.0
    Power supply V/Hz 400/3ph/50 400/3ph/50 400/3ph/50 400/3ph/50 400/3ph/50 400/3ph/50 400/3ph/50
    Product size (h x w x d) mm 1660 x 3665 x 880 1960 x 4135 x 880 1960 x 4135 x 1400 2120 x 4275 x 1900 2250 x 4660 x 1800 2760 x 4950 x 2200 3010 x 5868 x 2200
    Weight kg 1150 1300 1800 2300 2700 3650 4600
    * at 30°C/54% indoor ** at nominal air volume
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